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    How I can join the Ideabright Loyalty Programme?

      Join Our Most Beneficial Loyalty Programme
    • You are invited to membership of the Ideabright Loyalty Programme that turns your spending into exclusive rewards and also you can get exclusive promotions and deals .
    • Only two steps 1. Registration 2. Activation

    • In Store Registration
    • Please ask member of staff to register your details with new loyalty card
    • As soon as details entered you will get security code in email/phone to activate your account.Please give it to member of staff to activate your account.
    • You will get confirmation email with your online username and password.
    • We have online activation facility if its not activated in store, follow the activation steps on link given in your email.

    • Online Registration
    • Register online , pick up loyalty card from our store and ask member of staff to link card with your account
    • We have online loyalty card linking facility if its not linked in store, follow the steps on link given in your email.

    • Existing Online member wish to join Ideabright loyalty programme
    • Pick up loyalty card from our store and ask member of staff to register it with your existing account or login in your online account and you will get a link to register/activate loyalty card with your account.

    • Existing Loyalty card member and would like to have an online account
    • Click on forgot password on login page and follow the steps.
    • Please email poshrosh@ideabright.co.uk or call us on 0203 318 3338 for any queries and enquiries

    • Thanking you and assuring you of our best services always

    How much I can earn loyalty points?

    • Automatically gain 1 points for every £1 spent. Every point equals 1 penny as standard.(EX VAT , NO SHIPPING)
    • We’ll have regular promotions when you can DOUBLE or TRIPLE your points, check out websites for our latest news.
    • There may be specific products for which you can earns even more points.

    How do I redeem my points?

    • Login into your online loyalty account please click on the loyalty points choose option available and click on redeem button.

    How can I use my points?

    • you can convert loyalty points to IBL Money (Credit amount to your account) and Leisures Vouchers.
    (A) IBL Money
    • You can use IBL Money as a payable option when you purchase Online or in Store.
    • You will get the Email for your redeem points

    (B) Leisure Voucher : Gift Vouchers for relaxing and unwinding
    • Leisure Vouchers are Gift Vouchers that can be spent at thousands of outlets in the UK. The extensive choice of leisure activities available on the Leisure Gift Voucher offers something for everyone. Please Click Here For More Details
    • Loyalty points balances and transactions history will be maintain and can be checked with your online account.

    Can I check my loyalty points history?

    • Yes.
    • Login into loyalty account click on loyalty points and click on loyalty points history. You can find earn, redeem and reward transactions.

    I forgot loyalty card when I am in store?

    • Just give your registered Mobile number/Email/Name to our members of staff they will find the details.

    Can my family members/friends use my loyalty card?

    • Yes.

    Can I claimed loyalty points for any transactions if not already earned ?

    • Yes.
    • Login into your online loyalty account please click on the order history and after that enter your order reference and click on Earn Points.


    How do I reset my password?

    Forgot password

    • Please click on sign in.
    • Click on the "Forgot Password" link .
    • You will then be asked to enter your EmailID.
    • You will get security code in EmailID
    • You will then be asked to enter security code.
    • After enter the security code,next you will be allowed to reset your password.

    Change password

    • Sign in to website.
    • In the My Account section, click on change password.
    • Enter your current and new password and click on submit.


    Can I download my invoice?

    • Yes you can download your Invoice from your online account , please sign in and click on order history and search by reference or dates and click on pdf.

    How to track my order?

    • please sign in and click on order tracking and search by reference